Leave no stone unturned in your football career by working on your mindset

Let's get you playing with consistency and removing the doubt caused by other people's judgements by arranging your complimentary "Football Mindset" Session

You only get one chance at a football career, get everything you can from it!

Football and life is played between the ears, so we need to educate between them.

To pass, shoot, tackle or to head. Where does the decision to do these things come from? Between the ears, your mindset.

To feel confident, relaxed and to believe in yourself in front of thousands on the football park. Where does the decision to feel those things come from? Between the ears, your mindset.

Training, nutrition, recovery, tactics and technical decisions. Where does each decision that drives these areas come from? You guessed it, your mindset

Think about combining better choices on and off the park with feeling confident, what results will that bring to your game? Consistency on the park, with better relationships, mental well being and contracts off the park.

Self development and mindset work is the final frontier in football. Not working on your mindset is like having a Mercedes 4x4 that doesn't get out of 1st gear. That's the exciting part, you have so many gears still to go through.

You only get one shot at career as a professional footballer and inevitably you will suffer major highs and lows throughout that career:

  • The worry of having regrets after you retire. A career is short, but retirement is long
  • Ensuring that pre match nerves don't get the better of you and affect your performance for the worst!
  • The fear of making a mistake in front of thousands of supporters on a weekly basis.
  • Self doubt from supporters opinions, especially on social media! 

The life of a footballer is unfortunately not all it is made out to be, especially for those who struggle with the mental side of the game both on and off the park. But by reading this I know that it can be different for you, the rewards can be massive! I know that you are interested in reaching the top and ensuring that you leave no stone unturned to maximise your talents and the rewards that come with it.

The stressors for you as a footballer are big. Clubs don't fully appreciate it, but I do. You take your football everywhere with you, your spare time can be deadly when it comes to your thoughts. That small seed of doubt can turn into a monster in a flash!

Make no mistake the reason I know about the above is because I have work with players just like you. Players that want to go to the next level and make the most of their one shot at a career.  Trust me they won't be asking what if in 15 years time.

The game never ever changes, the only thing that changes is the story around the game. The story in your head is what kills you and your performance if you can't handle it!

Football Mindset is in its infancy, I'm not here to bullshit you into thinking otherwise. Truth is many didn't believe I would get this far. But I have and I'll continue to go on. The hours, money and emotions I have invested to get this far are crazy. Iv been to Thailand for my own coaching! Ross County doesn't seem so far after that!

Do not worry if you are sitting reading this thinking about your current struggles but are reluctant to get in contact as you will feel weak or should know all the answers yourself. Everything that I do comes from a point of my own previous pain. I do not try to hide that fact 4 years ago I was on my knees and felt absolutely worthless until one day I said, I can help more people than I am currently but something has to change. My MINDSET. It was easier to stay where I was, easier not to ask for help, but I did and its the best decision I ever made. 

 Declan Glass 

 Dundee United 


Aye bigman, very impressive. Certainly helped my game.

 Stephen Frail 

 Northern Ireland 17s and 19s manager 


Football mindset has certainly made me and my player's lives easier when it comes to international tournaments.

Football is played between the ears

I work with professional footballers who want to feel better and perform better, making the most of the opportunity they have created for themselves. They are willing to be honest, look at themselves and put in the work that is necessary to create the change that they desire. Does that sound like you? The potential rewards for you as a footballer are massive. Hero status, goals, cars, house and money, but so are the risks. I bet you know someone who has suffered as a footballer. Don't let that be you.

Whether delivering a seminar or working 1-2-1 on a coaching program I use step by step programs to ensure you never lose clarity of exactly where you are, where you are going and how to get there.

I know why you wouldn't speak to someone at your club about your mindset, the environment isn't great for talking about emotions and self development. Be warned that the way I work is different from many, I bring a fresh laid back approach that is seen no where else.

Presenting at Hibernian FC and working with Northern Ireland's Steve Frail are just two of my projects to date.

Every aspect of your program is built to you, what you learn from me, you will go away and implement with my help. If you choose to make an investment it will affect way more than just your football, this is an investment for life.

I do not do, hour by hour sessions. I do results. 

If you do not wish to invest, that is no problem. There are plenty of resources around this site to help you. Maybe start by downloading your FREE Football Mindset For Parents Guide


By working with Football Mindset I guarantee that you will increase your CONFIDENCE on and off the football park. You will remove self doubt, whilst working towards creating a consistent performance on a Saturday. Upon working with me there are a number of agreements to be made to ensure that you are as committed to your ambitions as I am to helping you reach them.

Time is ticking on your career! Setup your free Football Mindset Session today!