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Staying in control of your emotions is the hardest thing for any player

Are you someone who knows what you are capable of but you just can't seem to produce it consistently? You know that if only you could shut out the noise in your head you could achieve so much more in your career. Not only would you play more consistently you would get more ENJOYMENT from the game as you suffer less setbacks from feeling JUDGED and low on CONFIDENCE. Not only would they get more enjoyment from your football, life off the park would improve also. Thankfully you have realised this and you are looking to help yourself by working on your mindset.

Your mindset is key, it drives everything you do and feel, both on and off the park. Think about how powerful that is! Your probably now thinking, why hadn't I worked on it before?

Its OK, I completely understand how you feel, I have worked with players exactly like you. They all say "I wish I had done this years ago!"

I have also raised my hand for help and  invested as much as £50,000 studying and spending time with coaches learning from their knowledge and experience 

Travelling as far a field as Thailand for my own coaching, I was the young lad in his early 20's struggling with how I felt with life and my business career

By deciding not to work on your mindset and not put yourself in control of your emotions. You are choosing not to help yourself!

Your can have anything you want if you are prepared to work for it. Believe!

What you think is holding you back is not

Hopefully you will will avoid making the same mistakes as me. Albeit you undoubtedly have more football talent than I had, my journey with business is similar to yours in football.

To touch on my footy days, I always doubted myself as a centre half always knocking it long so I didn't make a mistake when playing a simple 5 yard ball. RELAXING on a football park, what does that even mean?!!

I'm not a football coach. I do not deal in tactics, skills etc. I unlock the key to that door by helping you with your MINDSET.

What use is all the talent in the world if you do not feel comfortable and CONFIDENT when performing on the pitch?

The process for ending struggle or pushing on towards being the best is pretty simple, you need to change the story that you are currently telling yourself. It really is that simple. A mistake will never hold you back, the story you tell yourself around the mistake will. Things can get simpler for you and they will. Maybe with my help, or maybe not, but always believe that you will get better. I believe that anyone can create anything they want within themselves if they create a MINDSET that understands mistakes and setbacks are inevitable but so is bouncing back!

Trust me and more importantly trust yourself. 

Education is what is going to change the game. As it stands everyone believes that to improve as a footballer that must be done out on the training field. For me the biggest steps forward will be done away from the park.

Whether I'm presenting at Hibernian Football Club or getting a message "Bigman, we got beat, but happy enough with how I played", that is where I get my buzz. Working with and watching footballers who are hungry to get better. 

Do not be put off by the fact so few players are taking responsibility and working on their mindset, it just means more opportunity for yourself

We will have a laugh no end. Oh and you will have to listen about that overhead kicked I scored once upon a time. I was like a tree falling in a forest, but it still went in!

Its been a long hard journey just to get to this position, but we are only getting started.

I found the fact you are in control of your beliefs, what you want and having a positive mind very helpful.

Ruari Paton - Hibernian FC Development Squad

Great, it told me stuff that I already knew but also things that I needed to hear but hadn't heard which all made sense.

Blair Glynn - GB Paralympian Footballer

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