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100% – “It’s All On You”

{Module 2 – 100%}}Video 2 – “It’s all on you”A vital message that giving 100% brings, it is all on your child. They are RESPONSIBLE.Your can’t put the effort and performances in for them.In this video I discuss:+Foundations for going forward+Responsibility+Why it cannot always be positiveWatch the video and comment in the group with your thoughts*if […]

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100% – It’s Not Win At All Costs

{{Module 2 – 100%}}Video 1 – It’s Not Win At All CostsIn this video you will find out one of the biggest mistakes that parents make. They focus on the wrong thing.Don’t just take my word for it. Darren Fletcher has my back in the resources section.

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Parent’s Role – Starting 11 (b)

{{Module 1 – The Parent’s Role}}Video 2b – The Football Parent’s Starting 11In this video we round up the remaining 6 of the Football Parent Starting 11. Do not become overwhelmed, little by little, you can watch the video over and over again.

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Parent’s Role – Starting 11 (a)

{{Module 1 – The Parent’s Role}}Video 2a – The Football Parents Starting 1111 things that you can start to apply as a football parent!Which one of these first 5 strike a chord with yourself and why?Video 2b will comes with an infographic showing the complete starting 11.Once again, take notes. ACTION steps will come in the […]

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Parent’s Role – Your Role

​ {{Module 1 – The Parent’s Role}}Video 1 – Your role as a football parentThis video is so simple and starts to begin to answer the struggle for a parent around a coaches decisionWhat is my role as a football parent?What control do I have around a coaches decision if I am not happy with […]

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