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What Can You Learn From CELTIC’s Keiran Tierney?

{{☘What can  you learn from Celtic’s Kieran Tierney☘}}
The young Scottish left back seems to be linked with every club in Europe just now
10 million
15 million
20 million
Take your pick the numbers can be so varied as the speculation and the clubs interested are so great
Brendan Rodgers his manager said at a presentation last week
“Kieran Tierney was a silver medalist coming through the ranks”

So what eventually made him different from all the other boys who were better than him at the time and more fancied to push through to the first team before him?

“Application and good development,” Rodgers said.
Application = the action of putting something into operation
Development = the process of developing or being developed
For me, application is what will drive ‘many’ parts of the development
Development is a bi-product of application
But what determines whether someone applies themselves or not?
Application is a skill but it has nothing to do with football
Deciding whether to do something or not comes from the mindset of the individual, in this case Kieran
No one else can do it for you, you must decide yourself
Can people help the process?
Without a doubt, maybe I can help you. Maybe not
But as the saying goes you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

Improve your mindset so you can help yourself improve your application

By improving your application you will automatically improve your development
One of the quickest ways to improve your application is by discovering/understanding your WHY
WHY are you doing this?
So often you know the WHAT and the HOW
but you don’t know your WHY
Your WHY brings with it a reason to do it
Let me give you an example
“Turn up early, go home late and practice your heading by knocking the ball back and forth against a wall”
“Turn up early, go home late and practice your heading by knocking a ball back and forth against a wall. You will become better at it and have a greater chance of starting every week and keeping clean sheets, this in turn, increasing your chances of a better contract that will help your wife and kids live a better life.
Poor example, but you get my drift, without the WHY of your wife and kids living a better life there is no real reason for application
Kieran Tierney’s why?
Playing for his favourite football club Celtic
^^Maybe a reader who knows him can ask him to confirm my guess 😉

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