Craig Wighton

Fulfilling potential

Scotland U-21 Internationalist

Scored the winner in the Dundee Derby

Dundee’s youngest ever scorer

Craig Wighton is a Scotland Under 21 internationalist. After spending the initial part of his career at Dundee he moved to Heart of Midlothian in August 2018.

After making the move to Hearts from Dundee, Craig’s 1st half of the 2018/19 was stop-start due to picking up a couple of injuries.

Since returning from injury he has looked to take his game to a new level by working on his inner game having had contact with Football Mindset for over 6 months.

Potential and talent have never been in question with Craig, he has all the tools tactically and technically to go on and have a successful career, like so many he lacked one of the main tools, mindset.

Working with his team-mates helped greatly in the process of bringing Craig on board and after an initial consultation, we delivered weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions through our coaching program The Confident Footballer Blueprint. These sessions were combined with ongoing daily support.

His goal was to improve his game in 3 specific areas:

• Ensure missing chances doesn’t affect confidence and belief in scoring with the next opportunity

• Create a mental preparation for training and games that fits into and compliments his physical preparation

• Be able to still feel confident and perform even if the start of the match doesn’t go to plan

Football Mindset have recently begun the journey of giving Craig the mental tools and techniques to do the above. As a result Craig has fought his way back into 1st team contention and has been given a run of 1st team starts including a start in the Scottish Cup quarter-final victory over Partick Thistle

“Although my working relationship with JJ is in its infancy I can feel the benefits already. I have more clarity with how I prepare for matches and feel like I am ready to deal with any situation. Not only in matches but the way I look at training is also different. I still have a long way to go as its a never ending journey but the way I respond to things in games and in training has allowed me to keep my confidence high whereas previously it may not have been. It’s an area of the game that I wish I had looked at before but I’m just glad I am doing so now.”

"the way I respond to things in games and in training has allowed me to keep my confidence high"