How we do it

The Confident Footballer Blueprint is our coaching program that has brought so many of our clients their results to date.

Footballers come to Football Mindset for results.

As a player you are treated on an individual basis and everything is tailored to serve your needs at that exact point of your season.

The Confident Footballer Blueprint is our 1 to 1 coaching program that has brought so many of our clients their results to date. Consistent performance, confidence, transfers, belief, player of the year and international debuts are just some of the recognition that they have received.

The program is made up of 3 main modules:

Mindset and Goal

You must understand what your mindset is and how it affects your game if you want to improve it. It is also very hard to achieve your career goals and stay motivated if you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve.


Better people make better players. There is so little you can control as a footballer, however the way you think, feel and what you do are some of the things you can. You as a person and how you feel away from the game around your family and friends is more important to us than you as a player.


The way you perform is what catches the eye of your manager and the watching scouts. The mental tools you amass to improve your performance is what will get you your move and make you more money.

Each new client begins with an introductory program to ensure that you are right for us and more importantly we are right for you. Only after this point do we discuss working together in a long term capacity. Working on your mindset week in, week out is vital in helping you overcome your fears and doubts and help you achieve what you want from the game.

In a judgement free environment sessions are relaxed and carried out in a quiet area such as a hotel bar or restaurant. There are also options for working together online.

In its simplest form you can summarise our work by saying it is a series of conversations. Through these conversations you are given all the tools that you need to play consistently, build confidence and bounce back from making mistakes in a game.

You know what you need to do, my job as a coach is to help you do those things.

Every player has great potential but no one has reached it yet, are you ready to reach yours?


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