Ryan Williamson

Preparing mentally for the business end of the season

Made over 100 appearances for Dunfermline Athletic

Played every minute of Dunfermline’s 2017-18 league campaign and was named in the Championship team of the season

Scotland U-21 internationalist

Ryan Williamson is a young Scottish right back who plays with Dunfermline Athletic in the Scottish Championship. Making his first-team debut at the age of 17 he has gone on to make over 100 1st team appearances and represent Scotland U-21’s.

In the 2017/18 season Ryan played every single league minute for Dunfermline on their way to the play offs where they were eventually defeated by Dundee United.

Unfortunately early in his career Ryan suffered two serious leg injuries that resulted in a considerable time out the game.

These injuries combined with wanting to be the best player he possibly can be resulted in Ryan working with Football Mindset in a 1 to 1 capacity in early 2018.

His goal was to improve his game in 2 specific areas:

• Mentally prepare the best he could for the pressure that comes with trying to secure a play off place with Dunfermline

• Learn what he needs to focus on throughout a match to stay confident and make the correct decisions at any point of the game

Ryan has now created a process that he follows before games to get himself ready mentally for matches and ensure that whatever happens throughout the 90 minutes he can deal with it and not be affected either mentally or from a performance point of view.

“Although the play off result never went the way I had wished, playing every minute of the league campaign was something that I am proud of. I felt as the season went on I became stronger and working with John has just taken the way that I look at my game and prepare for it to a new level. I was aware of the importance of the mental side of the game due to my injuries but working with JJ was a real eye opener and it is definitely something that I will continue to work on throughout my career. Something as little as the videos he sends over to watch on the morning of a game can make a real difference to the way you feel and perform.”

"John has just taken the way that I look at my game and prepare for it to a new level."