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Forget the training park, if nothing changes in your head then nothing changes.

You know how sometimes it feels like you know exactly what you need to do on the pitch, why you need to do it and how you need to feel in order to do it? You’re certain doing those things will help you and you’re certain that you don’t want your game/career to be the way it is anymore yet you still keep doing things that take you away from what you want and how you want to perform?

Well, Football Mindset coaching explains exactly why that’s happening to you on the park, why it’s creating the struggles that are keeping you from performing consistently at your best, what needs to be done to stop it from happening and how to do it in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Here at Football Mindset, we coach professional footballers using performance and self-development techniques in order to help you play consistently, feel confident and give yourself the best chance of playing at the highest level possible and making good money doing so.

When working with a player we help you:

  • Replace pre-match fears and doubts with a confidence to ensure you go onto the park knowing exactly what you need to concentrate on to perform and feel at your best.
  • Move on mentally from making a mistake in a game that would normally lead you to become frustrated and affect your performance negatively from that point on.
  • Deal with and not be affected by other people’s opinions. Managers, reporters, family and supporters they all want to have their say on you and dealing with these opinions can be tough and lead you to doubting yourself.
  • To understand why you always focus on the negative on and off the park and what you can do that will help you build certainty in your performance and career.
  • Deal with any off-field problems that are affecting your performance on the field (whether you realise this currently or not)

Forget the training park, if nothing changes in your head then nothing changes.

We want our clients to achieve everything that they wish from the game, not only for themselves but also for their family.


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