Are you bored in lockdown? Try this

If you want to play at the top level and earn the big money, you can’t afford to sit and be bored.

“The government has decided that the current measures must remain in place for at least the next 3 weeks.”

those were the words of Dominic Raab the British Foreign Secretary as he extended the Coronavirus lockdown in Great Britain.

I’d imagine your thoughts as he said it were “no football for at least another 3 weeks then”.

I feel your pain.

If you were bored in the first 3 weeks, what is it going to be like for you now?

Wake up, walk the dog, train, play the computer, have dinner, play the computer and then watch Netflix.

Maybe you even joined in a family quiz that you were useless at?

The thought of doing that routine for another 3 weeks is one that brings many players a feeling of frustration. No wonder.

You just want to be back at training with the boys and playing games in front of sell-out crowds, right?

So how can you help yourself overcome the feeling of emptiness, frustration and being bored whilst in lockdown?

This blog aims to give you a solid starting point on what you can do to help yourself through it.

This was the 1st thing I looked to help my clients nail when all this shit kicked off.




Telling yourself constantly that “this is shit”, “this is boring” and “I have nothing to do” isn’t going to help you.

Hearing yourself say those things over and over it becomes engrained in you without you even realising.

So you wake up each morning believing that you are going to be bored and that you have nothing to do.

Everything you see, hear and experience that day you will line up with that inner voice.

All those things will leave you feeling bored and believing that you have nothing to do.

Even your decision making matches up to the way that you speak to yourself.

So your training, nutrition and recovery can suffer as a result.

That is something you certainly don’t want as that will affect your performances when football does return.

But if you keep telling yourself you will be bored and things are shit, guess what.

You will be bored and things will be shit.


So why not change what you are telling yourself?

You probably think it’s not that simple but it is.

Simple doesn’t mean easy though and it still requires effort.

Surely though it is worth spending 10 minutes each morning nailing your inner voice?

This means you are less likely to sit and feel sorry for yourself and lose hours each day sitting about flicking through your phone endlessly.

That time could be spent on trying to become a better player.

Over the past few weeks my business and finances have been knocked, to tell you anything other than that would be lies.

But what good would it do telling myself each day that it’s unfair and that it’s shit being locked up each day?

None at all.

The situation is what it is and I, like you, need to find a way to best deal with it.

Each day I take the time out to remind myself

“in struggle there is opportunity”

Each day I get out my bed and it’s my job to look for that opportunity.

That inner voice works for me, maybe it doesn’t connect with you.

If not, create a different inner voice that does connect with you.

What we do have in common though is that we both have opportunity in this period and we both need to take the time to look for it.

Being bored will make that opportunity harder to see.


If you want to play at the top level and earn the big money, you can’t afford to sit and be bored.

You can’t allow your inner voice to leave you feeling stuck and trapped because who knows how long this will go on for?

You need to use this as a period to get better and improve.

Instead of trying to work on things to do physically that will make you less bored.

Which I would guess you have tried already?

Start working on changing your inner voice.

Change that and you’ll find that finding and doing things that don’t make you bored comes so much easier to you.


If you have taken something from this I would be grateful if you could share it with any of your mates who are currently struggling with the same feeling of boredom whilst not being able to train and play games.

I hope you and your family have remained well through this period.

Stay safe

JJ x

“in struggle there is opportunity”

By John Johnstone 17th April 2020