Are your sacrifices holding you back?

Less sacrifice = less frustration

There is no sacrifice, there is only choice.

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

There are so many quotes that bang on about the sacrifices you need to make to achieve something in life. For me they are all bullshit.

Sacrifices may just be what are currently holding you back.

Let me explain,

When you hear the word sacrifice what do you think and how do those thoughts make you feel?

I bet you start to focus on everything that you would be missing out on and it makes you feel frustrated and at times jealous depending on what you are giving a miss.

So often that feeling of frustration leads to frustrated actions.

How about the word choice, what do you feel when you hear that?

The clients I speak to feel pretty neutral but also empowered that they can make a choice. The decision lies with them.

The way you think and feel from hearing those two words is completely different. One is empowering whereas the other can leave you frustrated and jealous.

Heres the thing, every single thing that you do throughout your career is a choice. There is no sacrifice, there is only choice.

To stay up late the night before a game as opposed to prepare correctly is a choice.

Missing the family party/wedding so you can give yourself the best chance of performing and impressing scouts the next day is a choice.

Eating the right things (and reducing the unhelpful things) in your diet to fuel your body for the week’s training is a choice.

Spending less time with your girlfriend and more time studying your craft and on the training field is a choice.

To step up confidently and take a risk at 0-0 when everyone else is playing safe riddled with the fear of losing is a choice.

I could go on and on, no one knows the choices that a professional footballer needs to make better than you.

You get one chance at a career, you have done well to get this far, don’t waste it.

Ensure you give yourself the best chance of playing at the highest level and getting as much of the rewards in football as you can by understanding that everything you do on a daily basis is a choice.

As opposed to focusing on what you will miss out on by making a sacrifice, start to focus on the things you will gain by making a choice.

There are no right and wrong choices, just understand that to expect everything out of the game whilst not putting everything into the game is one of the quickest ways to drain confidence and belief.

Do you agree?

You get one chance at a career, you have done well to get this far, don’t waste it.

By John Johnstone 20th September 2018