Chris Cadden

Not letting a mistake affect your performance

Received 1st Scotland call up in the Summer of 2018

Started in both the Scottish cup and league cup finals in 2017-18

Played over 100 1st team games by the age of 21

Chris Cadden is a talented Scottish international midfielder who plays in the English Football League with Oxford United.

According to his former manager Stephen Robinson, Chris is currently “one of the best young players in Scotland”.

Chris first became aware of Football Mindset through a number of his Scotland Under 21 teammates who were working on the mental side of their game with the company.

Chris was very specific in where he wanted to improve his game:

  • Be able to deal with making a mistake in a game and not let it affect the rest of his performance
  • Reduce pre match self doubt and replace it with confidence in order to make the most of his talent
  • Reduce the impact of transfer speculation and negative social media comments on both how he felt and performed

The work Chris has done since January 2017 with Football Mindset has resulted in him making his senior international debut.

Chris says “I believe that what I had before working with John would have given me a good career, but I want to have the best career possible. I want to ensure I make the most of the opportunity I have created for myself. I used to run down the wing at times and if I put a bad cross into the box it affected me for the rest of the game, my performance levels dropped. Working with JJ has been different class and now having the tools to be able to deal with setbacks during a match it has felt like releasing a ball and chain from around my ankles. I feel more freedom and confidence than ever before to perform consistently on the park. Making my Scotland debut proves this.“

Even though Chris has often had to deal with transfer speculation he knew from speaking to clients who were working with Football Mindset that working on his mindset could help deal with this and improve his game.

Like many players, a little unsure at first what was involved in working on your mindset, after the first session Chris realised his game and the way he felt was going to improve.

Not only did Chris learn simple and effective techniques for being able to forget about and recover from making mistakes on the park, he also worked hard on dealing with outside factors such as social media and transfer speculation.

"I feel more freedom than ever before to perform consistently on the park. Making my Scotland debut proves this."