Confidence: What I learned from the Football Mindset book editor

3 things you can do to improve your confidence

Success leaves clues

If I have said it once I have said it one hundred times before

‘Success leaves clues’

The success’ that you learn from can come from both inside of football and outside

In this case, the success you are going to learn about and use to increase your confidence is coming from a book editor

If you have been following my social media over the past couple of months you will know that I have been writing a book

It is all about Football Mindset and the aim is to help (hopefully you) the reader to play with confidence, deal with negative opinions and release the shackles from your performance

As much as I wrote the book on my own I have also used the help of an editor and proofreader

He basically does what he says on the tin

Edits the layout of the book and proofreads it for things like spelling and grammar

Without him, the book would be nowhere near the quality that it is going to be

I can say that without a shadow of a doubt

Over the past few weeks of working with him I have picked up a few things about how his brain works and I thought I would write this blog so you can take what he is good at and apply it to your game

So here are 3 things you can do to improve your confidence that I have learned from working with my book editor and proofreader Alasdair Carnie




I am always asking questions of people about how they think and process things and Alasdair was no different

It turns out the way he edits a book is to see what I have written as a big puzzle and each chapter is what will form the big picture of the puzzle

Within each chapter, there are smaller puzzle pieces that need to be be brought together

By piecing together the smaller pieces it starts to form the overall picture

Every piece that is put together whether that be a subsection of the book or an overall chapter helps him see the big picture (outcome) with greater clarity

Now you might be thinking

“How does that apply to me?”

See each of the areas of your game as puzzle pieces that need to be brought together to create the overall picture of the player you want to be

Then work out which parts of the puzzle are missing and which parts have been placed in the wrong order

A simple example of this would be a player who works hard at their physical, technical and tactical game but ignores their mental game is missing a big piece of the picture

That puzzle will never be complete by ignoring the mental side of the game

How can you maximise your confidence if you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle to put in that world-class performance?




This is something that I work on with clients in my Confident Footballer coaching program

Being able to come out of the moment in the heat of the battle and look at what you are trying to achieve

But then working out what you need to do in order to achieve it and then come back and focus in on the here and now

In the pressure moments of a game, it is essential that you are able to look ahead and then work back from that future thought and be clear on what you need to do in the here and now

Too many players look to the outcome and become anxious, fearful and start to choke

That player’s actions are then driven by that anxiety, fear and choking under the pressure

It turns out book editors need that same ability and way of thinking

Numerous times Alasdair has come back to me and suggested inserting something from a different chapter that relates to the chapter that he is editing

I ask him how he remembers the information that he is putting in from different chapters

Turns out it is an ability to see the big picture and common themes within the book but then being able to come back and relate to the here and now of the chapter he is currently working on

I personally struggle with that in business and it is something that I am working on improving

I can either focus on the big picture or the small puzzle piece, too often I lose sight of how each one is related to each other

Practising being in the moment then projecting to the future within a game and then being able to come back to the here and now is so important for being confident in executing in the big moment and dealing with pressure




It really is that simple

If you can afford to hire an expert, hire one

As I said previously there is no chance that the book will turn out to the quality it is going to if I hadn’t brought in an expert

Not only for the editing and proofreading but also for the front and back cover of the book and the images inside

I want it to be the best possible experience for anyone who is reading it and I want the book to change the game for them in terms of their confidence and performance

Imagine what it would feel like standing in the tunnel having worked with an expert all week to improve your confidence

You look at the opposition and think

I’m ready, are you?




Success leaves clues

I have given you three clues about how to become successful at being confident on the football park

See your preparation as part of a puzzle. What pieces are missing or what pieces could be better stuck together?

Never lose sight of the big picture during a game but work on the ability to come back and focus on the here and now. It is important that you are guided by the big picture (outcome) during a game but it is also important that your actions are not crippled by the emotion of where you are in relation to that big picture

What I have written about in this blog is only two examples of the way that Alasdair thinks but there are so many more examples I could have given you

What would having an expert in your corner do for the way that you think, feel and perform going back into training?

Drop me a message and let me know

If you would like more information on how to get this expert’s help with mastering your confidence on and off the football park email john@footballmindset.co.uk or DM the Instagram page

What would having an expert in your corner do for the way that you think, feel and perform going back into training?

By John Johnstone 5th June 2020