Dealing with the uncertainty of lockdown

The uncertainty around lockdown seems to be endless

What you can do in order to help yourself deal with it

Will this season finish? When do the games start back? When will training resume? Which league will we be in? Will it be safe to play games? Will my wages be affected?

There are so many more questions that I could have put in there that I have missed out.

The uncertainty around lockdown seems to be endless.

Clarity is nowhere to be found.

The only clarity you do have is you will return at some point but when that point is no one knows.

Even if Boris Johnson did know I’d have my doubts he’d be able to give a straight answer of when that is.

With that being said I thought I would do a quick blog on the effect that the uncertainty can have on you and what you can do in order to help yourself deal with it.




It is easy to underestimate the impact that how you feel has on what you do.

Let’s keep it simple.

When you are stressed I call it fire head.

Stress is a lack of clarity which in this case is to do with your football and returning from the COVID 19 lockdown.

Fire head is somewhere you don’t want to spend too long.

As much as it can make you doubt yourself and put you into your shell on the park.

It also affects you off the park.

It puts you into a survival mode.

As opposed to going out each day to thrive in your training sessions you just go out to survive and it can be tough to get the most out of your sessions.

You can see tomorrow’s sessions far enough.

You may also start to fear what may happen in the future.

Running over the worst-case scenario again and again.

Wage cuts, not being fit enough on your return.

This isn’t what is meant to happen in your career.

You have one shot at it and you are spending months without playing games.

Your head and your home then start to feel like a prison during the lockdown.

A prison that you feel you can’t escape from and whose walls are closing in on you by the day and the situation feels like it is getting worse.

Uncertainty and fire head can also cause panic.

That panic then starts to affect your decision making.

You begin to overtrain one week and then just get yourself by the next week.

Your nutrition choices are getting worse and the injury prevention work hasn’t been done in weeks.

Checking in with the club is just getting done and no more.

In short, it is a chore that you could do without.

Uncertainty, lack of clarity or fire head.

Call it what you want it has a massive impact on what you do.




If you are looking for certainty.

Be your own certainty.

Sitting looking for answers that no one has doesn’t make sense.

All it does is heightens your sense of fire head and helplessness.

The way you feel can easily spiral downward from there.

What do I mean by be your own certainty?

Regardless of what is happening and whether there is clarity or not your target is still the same.

Come back physically and mentally stronger than when you entered the lockdown.

If not physically stronger, certainly maintain your level of fitness.

But coming back mentally stronger should be a target for every player.

So what has to happen for those things to occur?

  • Change beliefs
  • Visualise moments in games
  • Create a list of your success’ to build confidence
  • A structured nutrition plan
  • A structured training plan
  • Stretching routine

Again there could be so much more added to that list but you get my drift.

Be certain in your commitment to doing those things.

Be certain in doing the things that you need to do in order to achieve the targets that you set for yourself.

The time between now and your return is going to pass anyway.

Where you are playing and when you return shouldn’t have any impact on your target.

It is still to come back mentally stronger and physically in good shape.




Yes, no one is certain of when football will return or how it will be set up when it does return.

No one knows the answers to those questions just yet so you spending time worrying and moaning about a lack of clarity in them doesn’t make much sense.

But what you can be certain of is your commitment levels to doing what you need to do in order to come back mentally stronger and physically in a good place.

That is what you can be certain in.

So instead of waiting for other people to create certainty for you, start today in being your own certainty.

What can you commit to today in order to be certain of yourself?

Enjoy your weekend



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If you are looking for certainty Be your own certainty

By John Johnstone 15th May 2020