Greg Docherty

Handling the big occasion

Scotland U-21 internationalist

Scored the play off goal to ensure Hamilton Academical retained their SPFL status in 2016-17

Signed for Glasgow Rangers in January 2018

After joining Hamilton at the age of 9 Scottish midfielder Greg Docherty went on to sign for his boyhood heroes Glasgow Rangers in January 2018.

By the age of 21 Greg had all ready made over 100 1st team appearances and scored the only goal of a two legged play off final to ensure Hamilton Academical preserved their top flight status for the 2016/17 season.

Greg is meticulous in the way that he prepares and lives the lifestyle of a professional footballer. His energy and fitness levels rival that of any other player in the league and this combined with his talent give him a great chance of cementing himself as one of the top midfielders, not only at Glasgow Rangers but in the Scottish game.

In Greg’s search to be the best he possibly can be, he knew there were still areas of his game to strengthen:

  • Handling the big occasion to ensure he remained confident and stayed on task in the big moments
  • Deal with things out with his control so to not let them affect how he feels and performs

Greg says “I had contact with JJ for a few months before I signed for Rangers which for me was a dream come true. A lot of people might bring you down, but JJ is a guy who helps. There is a lot of interest that comes with being a Rangers player and hype around the Old Firm games, I totally get that. Working with JJ has allowed me to break my game down into the simplest form and understand exactly what I need to focus on to perform and give myself the best chance of performing week in week out.“

Working with Football Mindset and having a greater understanding of the psychological side of the game could only benefit Greg in his bid to become a regular starter for Glasgow Rangers.

It was clear to Greg that he was committed to every other area of his game and preparation but the mental side of the game was something he knew little about. His attitude to it was very relaxed and initially felt by investing in the mental side of his game he had nothing to lose.

Now Greg has the mental tools and techniques to allow him to perform confidently and consistently on the biggest stage and make the most of his dream move.

"I had contact with JJ for a few months before I signed for Rangers which was a dream come true."