Happy New Year 2019

If I judge where I am today, initially there’s disappointment.

Those lads just like you are all ordinary boys living extraordinary lives.

A massive thank you for following the Football Mindset journey to date whether that be reading social media posts, sharing content or starting conversations about Football Mindset.

Believe me when I say it is greatly appreciated.

A special mention goes to those who have spent your hard earned money with Football Mindset.

2018 had been our strongest year to date both in terms of numbers and in results.

If I judge where I am today, initially there’s disappointment. “I should be so much further down the line” I would tell myself.

More clients, more work in England, earning more money, the list is endless of what I “Should” have done.

However go back to January 2018, we had 1 client playing full-time football, in leaving the year I have worked with double figures who play full time. Some of those clients are with the biggest clubs in the country.

Maybe it’s a success just getting this far and seeing the year out?

Football Mindset started with an idea based on people knowing how to lose weight, wanting to lose weight but being unable to do the things they needed to do in order to get results.

As a PT at that time, I never knew the solution to that problem.

After 100s of hours research and practice it became clear that workouts and diets weren’t the problems, but the way people thought and what they believed was.

Just like for a footballer they know what they need to do and what they want to feel but can’t seem to do it.

So that is how Football Mindset started in a nutshell, we evolved from a personal training background.

When I started out not so long ago my phone had zero contacts but now I could contact anyone in Scottish football through the contacts and relationships I have built.

It’s been frustrating and fucking tough at times. Hours and hours of serving people for zilch and sometimes getting what seemed like zero in return.

Banging on doors and Instagram inboxes, often hearing nothing but continuing to fight and go again and again.

Why bother?

I absolutely love what I do but more importantly I truly believe (and have proved) I can help players feel and perform better both on and off the park.

But with the tough times, there have been some right good moments.

Watching boys playing in major finals, or seeing Chris Cadden and John Souttar making their international debuts for Scotland.

They’re easy wins to see but the boys fighting like mad to get into teams or carve a better career for themselves is less easy to see but just as impressive.

Developing that dog in you to keep going when it’s easier to stop.

That comes from your inner game, not the outer game.

To put into context the ups and downs of the profession both Cadds (Chris Cadden) and Soapy (John Souttar) ended the year and will begin the new year injured.

The highs and lows can be great.

Make no mistake the boys who have backed my methods and paid me their hard earned coin have stepped out from the pack in doing so.

Very few players work on their inner game consistently and for those boys to do so takes a level of bravery and courage to be different.

Those lads just like you are all ordinary boys living extraordinary lives.

One day in the future someone a lot cleverer and brighter than me (probably from Uni and with letters after their name ?) will make a “breakthrough” and get players to understand the importance of their inner game consistently. I believe it will become the in-thing just like Sports Science and Nutrition did at one stage.

Luckily for you reading this you already realise the importance and are ahead of the game.

2018 was a year where there were a few high profile mental health cases throughout football. These cases are tough to hear about but can be used to help raise awareness of the importance of the mind. Hopefully 2019 can be a year where those people make full recoveries and more work is done on raising awareness and prevention instead of things getting to a stage it stops players playing the game they love but more importantly stops them living a happy life.

Running a business or having a football career is like a rat race. Loads of setbacks, being judged, doubting yourself, getting things wrong time after time and wondering if you are on the right path.

Add to that getting slated by the dogs over on Twitter, it’s tough. Isn’t it funny how the big time Twitter players never have a face to their profiles as they dish out the abuse?

Just remember that no matter where you are no one can stop you getting better and no one can affect the way you feel about yourself.

That’s the key to continue growing and becoming a better player, teammate, father, brother, son or partner.

No one can stop you improving as a player or as a person so don’t give them that power.

A football career only lasts so long but for 90 minutes every week, it is the most important thing in the world.

The memories of the journey will be carried by yourself throughout your life.

I’ll round up by saying a massive thanks again and ask you why 2019 can’t be the best year of your career yet?

Happy New Year when it comes and I wish yourself and those around you both health and success for 2019.

No one can stop you improving as a player or as a person so don’t give them that power.

By John Johnstone 31st December 2018