How Manchester United used their daily workout to build rock solid belief

Why not use your daily workouts to build that inner game that you are after?

They had trained not only physically but mentally for those moments.

“If I get given another set of 4×4 to do I am going to go mad.”

I was in stitches when I heard that last week on a call.

You will probably feel the same?

But how can you get the most out of your training and use the workouts that you do each day to help you build a rock-solid belief?

I am going to use Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson and Gary Neville to show you how.

Let me explain.




Lockdown can be tough. Every day feels the same and it is like you are on a never-ending hamster wheel.

Isn’t it?

Group chats are starting to die out. Football challenges are drying up. Netflix new content is due to run out in June and the buzz you get from playing COD isn’t the same as when you used to play it during the season.

It feels like weeks ago since you donated your fiver from running your 5k.

So much time on your hands and so little to do.

You are dieing to get back playing football.

You are now at a stage where you are working out every day as it passes the time and helps you contain your levels of boredom.

Whilst these training sessions will no doubt improve your fitness levels and get you physically ready for going back. Why not use them to get you mentally ready for going back?




As a Liverpool fan this is hard to write about but look at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

They won a barrow load of trophies (38 to be exact) during his time in charge and were the best team in England for such a long period.

SAF said:

“You look at the last minute goals United scored, that wasn’t because of ability but because they never gave in. They just bang, bang, banged the door and eventually it broke down.

Do you know how many last-minute goals we had in my time? 166.

We scored over 200 goals in the last 15 minutes. That’s nothing to do with me, it’s because of these lads – they never gave in.”

Over 200 goals in the last 15 minutes and 166 of those in the last minute.

I don’t even want to know how many of those came in Fergie time.

If you don’t know what Fergie time is. It was when he used to tap his watch to the referee and somehow get 14 minutes injury time added on in games where they were drawing or getting beat!

On a serious note though from his comments you can see he doesn’t put that down to playing skill or playing ability. He puts it down to the mental skill of never stopping. Going again and again.

So just how did they ingrain that into themselves as individuals and as a team and how can you ingrain that into yourself?

I’ll let Gary Neville explain




I always remember watching an interview with G Nev.

*I’m not his mate but have watched so much Sky Sports during this breakdown I almost feel like I am.

So I can call him G Nev.

In this interview, he spoke about the Manchester United treble-winning team of 1999.

In the final of the Champions League they played Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou. They were 1 nil down and scored in the 91st and 93rd minute to win 2-1.

Gaz said people think it was luck, it wasn’t.

Now here is the lesson for you.

He said in training they used to do one extra.

They were given 4 runs to do. They done 5
They were given 9 runs to do. They done 10

You get the drift.

It wasn’t just for the sake of doing extra.

The reason they done extra was when the clock was ticking down towards 90 minutes they had this mindset and belief that they knew they were ready.

This is what they had trained for, this is where they believed they would win the game.

So many games were won in injury time because they had trained not only physically but mentally for those moments.

Imagine what they would have been saying to themselves in those moments.

I bet they weren’t thinking about surviving and hoping something would happen.

I bet they were thinking about thriving and killing the opposition. Breaking their hearts in the final minutes.

Just like Rio Ferdinand broke my heart when he scored the last minute header against Liverpool in January 2006.




I always say that success leaves clues and without doubt there is a clue here that you can use.

You are working out ver near everyday anyway.

Why not use this time and your workouts to build that rock-solid inner game that you are after?

Why can’t you learn the lesson from that great Manchester United team and start to add one onto everything that you do?

Add 100m, add a set, add a rep

The potential to add and do one more is endless.

Whilst you are adding one think about the last minute of games and what you would be telling yourself at that time.

Without a doubt this is a hard period with no football but improving your inner game is one of the things you can do and look back on as a benefit that came from these hard times.

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In struggle there is opportunity, it is your job to go and find it.


that wasn't because of ability but because they never gave in.

By John Johnstone 24th April 2020