John Souttar

Fulfilling potential and building consistency

Heart of Midlothian young player of the year 2017-18

Scotland U-21 captain

Dundee United’s youngest ever debutant

John Souttar is a young and ambitious Scottish centre half who plays with Heart of Midlothian and has captained Scotland at Under 21 level. Making his first-team debut at the age of 16 he has gone on to make over 140 first team appearances by the age of 21.

John is dedicated, passionate and exhaustive in his search to become the best player he possibly can be. He boasts all the talent to go on and become a top centre half in the country.

Early in his playing career he started searching for ways to improve his game and as a result of this has begun to build his own performance team, including a Thai therapist and personal trainer.

Although John was often playing at a very high standard, it became clear to him that there was still something missing from his game. Although he had all the talent along with training, nutrition and recovery protocols, he knew that he needed something more to play at the top level and represent his country. 

This is where Football Mindset came in, we immediately got involved with John and delivered weekly 1 to 1 coaching sessions whilst providing daily support sessions.

His goal was to improve his game in 3 specific areas:

• Improve his consistency levels on the football pitch

• Reduce pre-match self-doubt and replace with confidence, belief and certainty in order to become more decisive and aggressive in his defending

• Increase his chances of playing at the highest level possible by understanding the psychology behind performance 

Football Mindset have given John the mental tools and techniques to allow him to bounce back from any mistake made in a game, leading to higher levels of consistency and helping to reduce any pre-match nerves.

“I had tried tirelessly to build greater consistency in my game by working longer and harder on the training ground, but still there was something missing, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Before each game looking back, the way that I felt was purely down to chance. When Football Mindset reached out during my recovery from a serious achilles injury it was a no brainer to work with them. The help that Football Mindset have given me has been fantastic and really helped me to take my performances to another level.”

"Football Mindset has really helped take my performances, consistency and confidence to another level."