Learn and take confidence from Football Mindset

Where did football mindset start out?

If I can achieve part of my dream, why can't you go on and achieve all of yours?

Football Mindset at one time was just an idea I had in my head that originated from working as a Personal Trainer.

All my clients knew what they needed to do and how they needed to feel in order to lose weight but so many couldn’t seem to do it. To back up my point, throughout the world people are spending more money on their health and fitness than they ever have yet are the unhealthiest they have ever been.

In short, people never had a problem with their food or their exercise, they had a problem with themselves and the way they were thinking. A little like you with your football at times, yeah?

From working with fitness clients my idea evolved into a more coaching based approach and helping basically anyone with their inner game. Helping them improve confidence, relationships, stop smoking etc.

I loved working with those people but I knew there was still something missing.

After attending a course in Thailand, I came back and decided to combine my knowledge and experience of coaching with my main passion which has always been football.

Football Mindset was born.

First I targeted managers and got nowhere really.

Steve Frail was my first contact who I met through LinkedIn. I turned up to meet him with a presentation and thought I would be laughed out the place as at one point he was the head of youth at Celtic Football Club.

His reaction was completely different. He loved it and said a club like Celtic could benefit from it.

I also met with someone from the SFA who said my work could do with going into every club in Scotland but they offered no help in doing so.

Progress was too slow in trying to work with a manager. In hindsight for a manager to have adopted my methods and what I presented they would have had to change their whole way of working, this was always going to be highly unlikely.

Back to the drawing board to go again. I knew someone could benefit from what I had created, but who?

Then it clicked, lets approach players as the manager would be giving my ideas to the players anyway so I could cut out the middle man by going straight to them.

I wanted to get to the top but knew I had to start at the bottom.

For months and months I spoke to any youth club that would let me speak and worked with players, parents, adults and coaches, literally anyone to gain experience, all whilst chipping away trying to contact pro footballers through social media.

Those days were an absolute grind, getting paid nothing yet giving everything, but I loved them. In fact, there is something about them that I miss to this day.

Eventually, I made a breakthrough with a full-time player who said they’d meet me for a coffee.

That meeting turned into paid work.

At that point, I transformed Football Mindset from being just an idea of helping professional footballers like yourself to being an actual thing.

It took me months and months to evolve it from an idea but I got there eventually.


It’s an actual thing that has produced results again and again.

My Confident Footballer Blueprint coaching program has helped lads get international caps, new contracts, transfers and more importantly helped players take more charge over what they do and how they feel.

It’s not been easy getting to this point and truth be told I’m only a wee bit away from the start line and there are still miles to go to fulfil the ultimate dream of working with a Liverpool player and helping a Scotland player get to a major tournament where we as a nation are successful.

But the only way I can continue to make progress is by continuing to get results. It’s as simple as that.

It’s tough at times it really is but any journey that is worthwhile is tough, isn’t it?

There’s no guarantee that Football Mindset will become what I want it to be just like theirs no guarantee that you will get to where you want to with your career. But one thing I can guarantee is if Football Mindset does fall short it won’t be through a lack of effort or dedication. That’s the part I can control, the effort, care and commitment.

Wherever you are with your football career keep working hard to turn your vision of a successful career into a thing, the game can change in a second you never know who is watching.

If I can achieve part of my dream, why can’t you go on and achieve all of yours?

If you are interested in being part of our journey by becoming the next player to take charge of their confidence and improve their performance hit me up for more details. Find my email at the bottom of this page.



Wherever you are with your football keep working hard to turn your vision of a successful career into a thing, the game can change in a second you never know who is watching.

By John Johnstone 8th January 2019