Overcoming Setbacks

Are you a victim or a victor?

More important than the setback you have suffered is how you bounce back

One of the major things that will determine just how far you go in your football career will be how you bounce back from setbacks.

Setbacks are inevitable but bouncing back in a positive and helpful manner is not.

Once you experience a setback, it is not the setback that is the most important thing. How you react to it is.

Think about how you currently react when something doesn’t go your way and the odds are against you? Is the answer you come up with going to help you take responsibility, push on and perform better or is it going to leave you feeling doubt and frustration, thinking about what might have been?

Take giving the ball away as an example. When that happens on the park, what do you do? Do you ask yourself in your head “why did I just do that?” and reply with “because you are shit?”. An unhelpful reaction like that is just going to affect the way that you feel and perform from that point on in the game.

Instead how about telling yourself “Let’s get the next one”?

Your reactions to such a situation can seem insignificant at the time but more often than not those reactions are what determines whether you go on to play at the top and secure your families future or not. They are that important.

So many players have come back from setbacks in their career and gone on to better things, so why can’t you?

Look no further than Jordan Henderson who back in 2012 was told by then Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers that he was allowed to leave and join Fulham. He refused and vowed to fight for his place. Before Rodgers left the club Henderson had become Liverpool captain.

However on the other hand so many players have failed to handle and react to setbacks in the correct way.

Adrien Rabiot the 23 year old PSG midfielder has refused to be on a stand by list for France’s World Cup squad for this Summer’s finals in Russia. Only time will tell the impact that has on his career. Maybe in years to come he will look back and wish he had reacted differently?

Bouncing back does not come down to fitness and physical talent it comes down to your mindset and the way that you think.

You can play the role of a victor or victim.

Which one are you currently choosing?

Bouncing back does not come down to fitness and physical talent it comes down to your mindset and the way that you think.

By Football Mindset 18th July 2018