Scott Wright

Making the breakthrough

Made Aberdeen debut in July 2014

Scored a hat trick v Partick Thistle in May 2017

Scotland U-21 internationalist

Scott Wright burst onto the scene for his boyhood heroes Aberdeen after scoring a hat trick away to Partick Thistle in May 2017. He made his debut as a 17 year old in July 2014 in a Europa League qualifying match vs Daugava Riga.

Scott is a 20 year old winger who has real pace and can go by players at will. The challenge is to fulfil that potential in the coming years and perform to a consistent level.

Through Scott representing Scotland U-21’s and knowing various other players who worked with Football Mindset he thought it was something that he could also benefit from. Talent has never been a problem, he wanted to make sure he did everything possible to fulfil that talent and impress his manager at club level.

After meeting and carrying out a consultation in Aberdeen, Football Mindset began working with Scott and helping him work on the areas that he wished to improve on which were:

• Deal with the frustrations of not being a 1st team starter with his club

• Create a mindset that ensured he did everything possible in order to be ready for when he was called upon

• Work on his mindset to ensure that he remained confident in himself even if not selected certain weeks

Football Mindset have given Scott the mental tools and techniques to allow him to grow as both a person and player whilst going through what has been a testing season on a personal level. Although the season has been tough he has improved his skillset for on the pitch but also his mindset when off the pitch.

“The 2017-18  season as a whole never went the way I had hoped for on a personal level. However working with JJ has made me mentally stronger, more prepared and even more confident for whatever I come up against in the rest of my career. My mindset was an area of my game that I had never really looked at  working on, just like a few of the other Scotland Under 21 lads he also works with.The tools I have picked up will last me throughout my career.”

"My mindset was an area of my game that I had never really looked at working on"