The Only Sustainable Advantage You Have Over The Opposition When It Comes To Confidence Levels

When I typed the word confidence into google the search produced 43,900,000 results

The information you need is out there at the touch of a button

You’ll no doubt have seen from my social media that I am currently doing a 4-week pre-season endurance training plan

It has come courtesy of Match Ready Fitness a sport scientist who works full time with a Scottish Premier League club

If you haven’t already, make sure you check his Instagram page out (I’ll put a link at the bottom of the blog)

I’ll get results in four weeks time from following the program

I know I will

That’s not being big-headed, I will

But how do I know I will get results and how can you take the same principle I am about to teach you and apply it to your confidence levels?




Let me let you into a wee secret, something that I found out whilst in Ireland at a seminar with All Black’s S&C Coach Nic Gill

Whilst delivering his seminar he said:

‘The only sustainable advantage you have is to learn faster than others.’

When he spoke about it he said that the reason the All Blacks were ahead of nations like Australia is that they learned about the basics quicker than anyone else

But I want to go one step further and add taking action to what he said


The only sustainable advantage you have is to learn faster than others and take ACTION on what you have learned

It really is that simple

This is why I believe that I will get results from my training plan

I have taken action on the information I have been given




We live in a world now where we are up to our neck in information

Websites, social media and books to name just three ways you can get access to information

I am going to add to that in the coming weeks by releasing the book I am currently in the middle of getting edited. It is for professional footballers looking to improve their inner game

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page for updates and a release date

I am literally buzzing with it!

I won’t lie I am the world’s worst for losing too many hours of my life taking on too much information which at times has nothing to do with the goals I am trying to achieve

My head is big but not big enough to take on all that I watch

But back to you

When I typed the word confidence into google the search produced 43,900,000 results

That’s a big number that I am not even going to attempt to read out but it’s a lot of articles and videos about confidence

The information you need is out there at the touch of a button

The information is also out there that your opponent needs to improve their confidence

If you are willing to look long enough the information that you pay people for you can find in textbooks, uni courses and online videos

How do you bounce back from making a mistake?


How do you deal with other people’s opinions?

I have done so many posts and videos about those topics that again the information is out there

Just check out my Instagram page or Instagram tv channel

But it is up to you to learn that information and take it on board

Not just take it on board though, go one step further and actually take action and apply it

Taking on information about improving your confidence without implementing it can ultimately lead you to feeling lower levels of confidence because you know there is something that can help you but you have made the choice not to take action on it




If you look at the guys who I have worked with and the biggest achievements they have created for themselves

It would be safe to say that John Souttar and Chris Cadden making their international debuts is the biggest success

That is not to downplay other clients results but stereotypically people see representing your country as the ultimate honour

I am not surprised they have gone on to achieve their dream of playing for their country


1. They are talented footballers
2. They took action.

They would ask what they needed to do and go away and apply it

Come back the next week with feedback and ask questions

and then go away and take more action

They kept it simple

At the time they played against guys who also worked with me and had the same information so the only real advantage they had over the other clients was to learn the info quicker and take action on it quicker

That also worked vice versa with my other clients who lined up against them

The fact is all the information that you need to work on your confidence is out there if you are willing to spend the time looking for it and research it or pay for it

People become clients of Football Mindset so they can stop spending time searching and be handed the tools and information that are proven to work and increase their confidence levels whilst out on the pitch

The only real advantage that you have with information (paid or unpaid) though is to take it on and apply it quicker than your opposition

Someone paying for info and not applying it will be left behind by someone who doesn’t pay for their information but does take action on it

Learning and action is the difference, not money




The information that you need in order to play with confidence is out there. It is up to you to either pay someone to bring it to you or take the time to go and find it for yourself

Once you have the information you need, take it on board and then become aggressive in applying it

The opportunity you have to search the internet or invest in a mental skills coach is exactly the same opportunity that your opposition has

However, the speed in which you invest (time or money) and take action will ultimately determine who gets ahead when it comes to performing with confidence in training and on a match day.

In four weeks time, when the results are in, I hope to be a walking and talking example of the very message this blog promotes… watch this space


If you would like to know more about the Football Mindset services you can invest in to take your mental game to the next level like John Souttar and Chris Cadden email john@footballmindset.co.uk or send a DM via our Instagram page

Before I forget, make sure you check out Match Ready Fitness

The only sustainable advantage you have is to learn faster than others and take action on what you have learned.

By John Johnstone 12th June 2020