The Power of your Mind

Why you should work on your mindset

Learn how working on your mindset can help take your game and career success to a new level

Your mindset is one of the most powerful things that you have as a footballer and can give you the best chance of achieving everything you want from the game, when it is used correctly.

Setbacks and struggles are guaranteed in your career, but bouncing back is not.

Players look at training, nutrition, recovery and tactics in depth, but why not look at the driver and decision maker in all of those things?

Your mindset.

So why should you work on your mindset to help not only you, but also your family?

Reason 1:

Every decision you make on the park comes from your mindset. To pass, shoot, head or tackle all comes from your mindset. Better decisions mean a better performance.

Reason 2:

Everything you feel around the game comes from your mindset. The doubts and fears you have before you go onto the park, or the fact your confidence goes after you give the ball away comes from your mindset. By improving your mindset you can improve the way that you feel before, during and after a match.

Reason 3:

Every decision you make off the park also comes from your mindset. By creating a better mindset it means you can ensure the impact that career setbacks or defeats have on your family and those around you can be minimised. The impact that your career has on those closest to you can sometimes be forgotten.

Reason 4:

The way you feel off the park comes from your mindset. Sitting in the house doubting yourself and becoming angry due to the opinion of people on social media all comes from your mindset and not from the comment itself.

Your mindset is the key to the door of creating a better and more consistent performance, a transfer to a bigger club or an increase in wages. The benefits and potential results are endless.

But what do you do when the doubts and frustrations arise in your career? Your mindset and current way of thinking will give the answer to that.

Confidence, belief and certainty all come from the way that you think and not as a result of what happens to you.

Football and life is played between the ears. If you are a professional footballer who wants to find out more about educating between them please take time to read another of our blogs.

Confidence, belief and certainty all come from the way that you think and not as a result of what happens to you.

By Football Mindset 18th July 2018