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The importance of your mindset

Find out what some of the greats of sport say about the importance of your mindset as an athlete

If you have followed my work for any length of time you will know how much I value and believe in the results you can get by improving your mindset.

Building confidence, removing self doubt or securing your families future, for me your mindset plays a role in helping you achieve them all.

But don’t just take my word and my clients results for it.

Below are 10 quotes from people in the sporting world who also agree with my thoughts on mindset:


“For sportsmen and women who want to be champions the mind is as important if not more important than any other part of the body.”

Gary Neville (Manchester United right back / 1992-2011 / 33 major trophies)


“The mental side of the game is bigger than the physical.”

Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United centre back / 2002-2014 / 19 major trophies)


“The defining factor in a successful pro is mentality. There is something about the ability to learn, to wanting to learn and improve. It’s about dealing with the constant setbacks, the constant need to adapt and adjust. Personal development is football’s final frontier.”

Gareth Southgate (England manager)


“I myself always say you play football with your head; you use your legs to run.”

Johan Cruyff (Dutch legend)


“A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.”

Bill Shankly (Liverpool manager 1959-1974)


“90% of elite football is mental.”

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager 1996-2018)


“You can’t just pay lip service to the mental side of the game, you need to address the elephant in the room.”

Richie McCaw (New Zealand All Black / x2 Rugby World Cup winning captain)


“The game was more a mental challenge for me than a physical.”

Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls greatest ever basketball player)


“Talent gets you so far and the mind takes over. What you feed your mind is key.”

Gary Player (South African golfer / x9 major championship wins)


“The mind directs the body.”

Glenn Mills (Usain Bolt’s coach)


So now you are probably thinking how do you start to work on your mindset? That is a blog for another day.

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Rio Ferdinand - “The mental side of the game is bigger than the physical.”

By Football Mindset 18th July 2018